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  • YOGA BIO: Jyoti! (formerly known as Jill Stevenson)

    5 comments Published Apr 1, 09 AM
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    By Kelsey Riley

    Jyoti! is the hybrid of all hybrid yoga teachers.

    After a comfortable and sheltered upbringing in Westchester, Jyoti! felt called to The City. It was in NYC that she stumbled across a Buddhist meditation center while out on her daily macchiato run. Her inner guide told her to go in at once. Since then she has been on a spiritual path that has led her around the world.

    Her parents fully support that she is following her true self, therefore they paid for her empty apartment in Manhattan while she continued on her worldwide spiritual quest for truth and enlightenment. But after ten years of traveling the world and acquiring a sweet tan, Jyoti! became fully aware that we are truly all ONE, and she now teaches that in her weekly classes at her new “home” studio in Aspen, CO.

    Her classes are at once mindful and precise, paying extreme attention to detail in alignment while being fluid and dynamic and impulsive.

    Her Mindful Flow classes focus on allowing the prana, or life energy, to move more freely in the body and the mind. She emphasizes Meditation in Motion. Consciously flowing through vinyasa and standing poses and progressing into deeper, quieter postures toward the end of class, students receive a balanced practice that helps restore energy, strength, and peace of mind. That’s right — after just one class you are guaranteed to have complete peace of mind!

    She is passionate about creating amazing yoga sessions that challenge and energize the body and mind while deeply respecting one’s own innate wisdom in an environment conducive to discovering the profound beauty within. She empowers her students to soften, surrender, engage, and expand by listening to their own inner healer in order to bring about balance, harmony, and lasting personal transformation. Permanently!

    Sadly, you can find Jyoti! at her Aspen studio rather infrequently, as she feels the winters are too cold for her Ayurvedic dosha, during which time she escapes to Maui to study with her trance dance teacher. She also cleanses quite often, which requires prolongued missions to sacred hot springs up and down the West Coast. Jyoti! fully embraces that finding one’s own unique balance often means bearing little responsibility and not being too tied down by earthly commitments… although she possesses the utmost gratitude and bows humbly to all of her students for being her TRUE teachers.

    Jyoti!’s inability to fully except her responsibilities as an adult is masked by a belief that we all hide our inner child at some point in life and that our inner child needs to come out and play and be free… which translates to wearing very little and openly loving everyone, even if it’s your best friend’s husband, and expressing yourself through certain facial expressions and language that most normal citizens aren’t enlightened enough to understand.

    If you are lucky, you may catch Jyoti! actually showing up to teach a class at her studio, depending on the time of year and what yoga conferences/workshops/or teacher trainings are happening at that time, as well as the phase of the moon, the state of Jyoti!’s doshi, and whether or not Mercury is in Retrograde.

    Om Om Om Shanti Ganesha Shakti Shakti Forever!

    About Kelsey Riley

    About Kelsey Riley

    Kelsey is the creator behind NAYA Organics, a delicious line of organic skin care that is totally machine FREE. She also works part time as a graphic designer and marketing buff and drives a ’62 Ford Falcon named Bobby that she plans to refurbish and paint yellow. She also enjoys crafting, flea markets, drinking tea, bulldogs, letterpress, and has an obsession with the South of France. She has been teaching and managing yoga studios on and off for the last 10 years in Boulder, Hawaii, San Francisco, Marin County, and Berkeley. She now calls Boulder, CO home—where she is optimistically cynical about developing her yoga practice again some day. Follow her blog for free skin care recipes.

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