Behind the scenes at Recovering Yogi, March 2011

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Our biggest news this month: the founders of Recovering Yogi — once bicoastal (if you consider the Gulf of Mexico a coast) — are now officially California-based.

Last month, Leslie suddenly relocated from Austin to the Bay Area in a fit of dramatic flair. She now has a full-time yob (in marketing for a senior residential community) and a cute little chalet in Mill Valley.

Vanessa, on the other hand, continues to commute to the East Coast every week for her own glamorous day job as a Change Management Consultant, where she is currently working at a prominent publishing company. Although the travel is out of hand, she’s been able to do some renegade street stickering in the NYC area in her very few moments of down time.

Back on the west side, Joslyn and Leslie recently attended a daylong mindfulness event at Spirit Rock called “Wisdom 2.0,” hosted by Soren Gordhamer (founder of the conference of same name) and Will Kabat-Zinn (son of Jon Wherever You Go, There You Are Kabat-Zinn). They hoped against hope that the daylong would be about how awesome it is that technology exists (yay, technology!) and how it can actually enhance our spirituality (for more on this read Joslyn’s Elephant Journal article), but in the end it was exactly what you’d expect from the hippie camp up at Spirit Rock (God bless ‘em): a technology-bashing seminar about all the reasons our gadgets keep us from being present.

Joslyn actually got up her nerve to stand up and mention some of the ways in which technology has positively impacted her life, starting with the fact that Recovering Yogi would not exist — nor would its three founders be best friends — if not for the Internet and its various accoutrements such as text messaging, Facebook, and email.

Oh and let’s not forget — technology allows dead gurus to follow us on Twitter:

Can’t beat that.

Soren Gorhamer, however, is an interesting cat who is raising deep questions about technology and its place in our spiritual lives. We will be sure to attend his next conference.

And speaking of ways in which technology enhances spiritual questions, Vanessa interviewed one of our favorite writers, Kris Nelson, via email.

If you’ve been missing Recovering Yogi posts, we now have email signup enabled on the site. Look to your right, and click on “get latest stories by email.”  Thanks to our amazing web designer, Katrina Hess, for that.

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  1. Yogini5 says:

    Can I private email you where I think a sticker might go?
    It’s in a prominent place in one of the outer boroughs of NYC.
    Further affiant sayeth naught.

  2. Prajna says:

    You brilliantly captured one of my biggest pet peeves about the yoga/new age/spirituality world; the overuse of the papyrus font (“Devotion Yoga” sign, above). When will people lose their wild enthusiasm for this hideous cliche?

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