Bio roast: Laura Riggs

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When we dig up our old teaching bios and deconstruct them to get to the truth of the matter.

By Laura Riggs 

Laura began practicing yoga over ten years ago as a means of exercise after a knee injury while training for yet another race. (GAWD, I hated running, but in Colorado everyone is expected to either hike, run, ski, bike, or do all of the above… and then go camping. I don’t give a crap about the mountains and their splendor.) Immediately, she fell in love in with the practice and sought to learn more about the spiritual and meditative aspect to the practice. (I became a total yoga groupie, sad to say.) She immersed herself in the study of the ancient philosophy as a way to deepen her understanding of Yoga. (I drank the ‘shroom Kool-Aid, dude, and it was mighty tasty. When I came back to reality, I had a bitch of a headache and realized I had missed out on so much real life while I had my head up Shiva’s ass.)

She currently teaches Vinyasa style Yoga in Denver. (Well, that was, until the studio fired me two weeks before Christmas because I wasn’t willing to sell their overpriced, shitty programs any longer. Now I don’t teach or practice, and I am happy to report that I am back to running, and realized it wasn’t all that bad after all – go figure.) She strives to give her students something to carry with them once they leave their yoga mats. (Usually a nice dose of glute work so they end up with a sore tuckus the next day.)

She also leads 200-hour Power Yoga teacher trainings. (I will be not held responsible for whether or not the participants can actually teach, though. Half the time they don’t even show up for class….sigh.) In addition, Laura designed a semi-private workshop series for students new to yoga who want to dive deeper into their asana and meditation practice. (Okay, I have to say this was the best part of teaching. We had FUN!)

Laura is inspired by the divine power in all human beings to create the world they live in. (Blah, blah, blah) She believes the only reality is the reality you create through love and appreciation. The greatest gifts she can offer as a teacher are joy, love and devotion to her students, inspiring them to learn more about their true Self. (As a friend of my mother’s said so eloquently recently: “Having spent the first part of my life under the assumption that most people are basically ‘Good,’ I’ve decided to live the rest knowing that there are people who are really mouth-breathing-lying-inbred-dog-sucking-shit-fuck-manipulative-you-can’t-trust ‘Bad.’ So the free ride is over, bitches”. That is a much more realistic view of life, I think.)

About Laura Riggs

Laura started practicing yoga roughly ten years ago and began teaching five years ago.  She left a successful career in advertising to teach yoga full-time because she decided it would be totally rad to pretend she was 21 again. She managed two large studios for the past two years, led many teacher trainings, and enjoyed having her soul sucked out of her. Now that the LSD in the Kool-Aid they had her drink before work each day has worn off, she is relieved to be rid of a company that believes first in money and second in “speaking your truth” — so long as it agrees with “our truth” because “our truth” can kick “your truth’s” ass!  She does admit there are days that she still checks the studio’s yoga schedule and experiences flashbacks – only to be grateful she no longer has to manage the severely undereducated teachers trying their best to fulfill the studio’s mandate to “Bring the Sexy Back” to yoga. Last time she checked herself, before she wrecked herself, yoga was never sexy to begin with…..

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  1. Ann says:

    So frickin funny! I am finding that the more I actually heal and recover from my extremely short but very painful association with yoga, the funnier these writings are for me; as I become less vehement about my experience, and more able to just enjoy silliness for what it is.

    • Laura says:

      Ann – no matter when it happens, disillusionment is usually a painful process, but once through it – quite beautiful on the other side.

  2. Andrew Gurvey says:

    The problem is, it’s so hard to understand where you’re coming from…. I love your breakdown of your own words, and your authenticity of your journey. My relationship with yoga is still pretty deep, and I continue to love teaching, but I think I may need to look at my original bio and see just how full of sh*t I really am.

    I love your hyphenated later definition of how many people are! I enjoyed reading your article. Thank you for making me laugh.


    • Ann says:

      I think it’s totally awesome that you can admit to still having a deep relationship with yoga and love teaching, and still see the humor in this. In my opinion, it means that you have a really healthy relationship with yoga, haven’t overidentified with it and thus take these things personally. I think I’m getting to the “reverse” point, of being able to separate my traumatic experience from yoga – and maybe soon redevelop a better, healthier relationship as well.

    • Laura says:

      Yea – what Ann said! Glad to see you that you aren’t taking life (or me) too seriously. :)

  3. Jenifer says:

    i have so many different versions of bios because of so many different markets. but there seem to be some common tropes, huh? i like my current one. it’s just. . . honest.

  4. John B says:


    When I wrote the student testimonial about that (’shoom Kool-Aid) studio where I used to take your class, I really meant the nice things I said about the place and you. We loved (and still love) you and your class. I looked forward to it. It felt (and still does) much more like a community than the cold, inhumane brokerage office (populated by way more mouth-breathing, lying…manipulative, can’t trust, bad guys than you can shake a stick at) where the rest of my day is spent. So what if it’s a little “Over-the-top groovy”! I don’t take it that seriously, as I’m sure you’ll recall. The Corporate version of anything is, almost by definition, less satisfying.

    I love to ride my bike. I love to ski in snow up to my ass on slopes so steep, falling is not an option. But I also discovered that I like to immerse myself in the pure movement of yoga because my body has been broken in so many places that without it, I would be confined to the sofa. It’s a practical solution. You fooled me into loving it. You are a great teacher. Your writing proves that you can inspire people, no matter what you do. It’s a gift. Please stop being so hard on yourself. (He isn’t worth the trouble!)

    • Laura says:

      I agree corporate anything breeds out intelligence, creativity and zeal for doing things you love. You always bring such humility to my life, John! And I agree, he (they) aren’t worth it, but you gotta lighten up my friend – it’s a ROAST – and you know I am full of s**t most days anyway. ;)

  5. Cathy L says:

    can I please “non-steal” your mom’s friend’s quote? Loved that, and all of your posts.

  6. crystal says:

    omg I loved reading this post! you are awesome and my new hero! I won’t wax poetic about my experiences or interpretations. I just wanted to tell you this TOTALLY made my day! Keep it up, this is rad!

  7. andy says:

    Nice roast

    I just can’t believe how many casual yoga teachers are being pumped out into the world today. TT’s have been id’d as a major source of revenue, and there are just way too many people being convinced they are worthy of being a teacher, IMO.

  8. andy says:

    Oh and that was in regard to this line:

    “She also leads 200-hour Power Yoga teacher trainings. (I will be not held responsible for whether or not the participants can actually teach, though. Half the time they don’t even show up for class….sigh.)”

  9. Katherine says:

    OMG! That was hilarious, honest and true for many of us!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. Julie says:

    Oh Laura, you make me laugh :) I wish I still liked running, or yoga .. .right now I’m having fun shaking my ass in Zumba ;)

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