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  • Yoga teacher bio: Shri Diva-nanda

    1 comments Published Feb 18, 09 AM
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    By Aaron & Christine Stump

    Note from the editor: Special props to Christine and Aaron for managing to incorporate all of our Words We Loathe & Abhor into one totally plausible This-Could-Actually-Be-A-Yoga-Teacher’s-Bio.

    Shri Diva-nanda discovered her dharma while wandering aimlessly around India marinating her soul and melting her heart. In that time, she discovered that it really is what it is.

    Thus began her journey of cultivating abundance and manifesting juicy wonderment as a yoga goddess and erstwhile instructor. While peeling the onion of bhandas in deep meditation in a kula at the Kumba Mehla, she realized the true meaning of the spanda of breathing: Inhaaaaaaaaaaaaale….. Ekkkksssssssshaaaaaaaaaaaaale.

    She met her lover by the Ganges while fluttering her buttocks in the longest Hanumanasana hold ever recorded. They now live together in a badass yurt where they are exploring their mutual karma and working hard to “grow their tribe.”

    About Aaron & Christine Stump

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a poet-paramedic fell in love with a poet-scientist in a seedy bar in a backwater of the universe called Albuquerque. Over the years she (the paramedicky one) would become a yoga teacher, and they would take their friends on elegant camping yoga retreats with tents containing massage therapists and weird guru wannabes they would all later come to laugh over. When they work the kinks out, they’re gonna retire to the Jemez Mountains and lead these things for real… um, for money. Right now, they’re on a temporary mission in Silicon Valley for the scientisty one’s job, and the yoga teachery one is writing for hire and keeping in touch with her peeps over Skype wine dates and yoga lessons. And no, they don’t overlap. Why would you even suggest such a thing?