How to be a yoga Instagram star

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By Lys Riley

Can’t do handstand yet? What kind of yogi are you, anyway?

About Lys Riley


Lys Riley has been trying to make people laugh since she’s been able to talk. Her YouTube channel, LysMonkey, was created to share her stories with friends. And by friends, we mean her two cats and 65 year-old mother. When not writing comedy sketches for LysMonkey, she enjoys practicing vinyasa yoga, taking too many photos of her cats, and eating all of the fries. Yes, all of the fries. Watch more videos (and subscribe!) at LysMonkey:

Click here for Lys’s YouTube channel.

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  1. Liberty Bell says:

    I also advise drugging your young children so that they sleep peacefully next to your well placed yoga mat (TM)… I mean you are not a yoga superstar if you are not also a perfect mOM!

    I went on a binge of trying be a yoga instagram star (@drlibertybell). I was in Santa Fe, so I blame it on the altitude. Despite my best efforts to pose and breathe around delightful dessert backdrops, I never seemed to make it big time. I did manage to throw my back out when I tried to do bridge over a fountain without warming up. I got three “likes” and a soggy spandex butt out of the deal. Thanks for the tips! Maybe I’ll try again once I draw my abs on.

  2. Sarah Bellum says:

    Err – what happened to the essays ?

  3. Tara says:

    Lys Riley makes me chuckle. I find her soothingly hilarious and a grand distraction when I don’t want to work on Sunday because I got nothing done all week. Thanks for introducing me to this You Tube Superstar…

  4. EP says:

    Funny video! And regarding your “core” – which looks great to me by the way- in the belly dance world, we consider that shape outrageously gorgeous.

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