If my yoga mat was a person

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By Lys Riley

If your yoga mat could talk… let’s just be glad it can’t.

About Lys Riley


Lys Riley has been trying to make people laugh since she’s been able to talk. Her YouTube channel, LysMonkey, was created to share her stories with friends. And by friends, we mean her two cats and 65 year-old mother. When not writing comedy sketches for LysMonkey, she enjoys practicing vinyasa yoga, taking too many photos of her cats, and eating all of the fries. Yes, all of the fries. Watch more videos (and subscribe!) at LysMonkey:

Click here for Lys’s YouTube channel.

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  1. Becky says:

    Well done Lys giving life to the Yoga mat. That was hilarious, sharing with my Yoga lover friends. :) I won’t be able to see my Yoga mat as same again. Keep it up, looking forward to more funny videos from your side.

  2. Anahata Chakra says:

    That was awesome. Looking forward for more funny videos from you. Lys Riley you are very beautiful and you have got innocent look on your face.

  3. Akshat says:

    hahah.. i would be a loner if i were my mat :D

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