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In our relatively brief life, we’ve gotten plenty of umm, colorful comments on our stories, along with the pieces we periodically publish on Elephant Journal.

And we believe in free expression. So not only do we never censor the comments on our stories, we are reprinting some of our favorites here, with our heartfelt answers. Enjoy!

Note that we cannot be held responsible for loathsome grammar and errant typos in any comments. These are reprinted here verbatim. Do your best.


“This is the shit!!!! Your shit is my kinda shit.”

RY response:
Thanks! (And, ew?)

“Not funny not even that clever. it just sounded lame and depressing that someone is wallowing in their superficiality while criticizing others. I really dont get all of these sarcastic yoga posts. If you dont like it leave it along and let those of us who feel the connection to move forward.”

RY response:
That reminds us! We have a new word for our Words We Loathe and Abhor: connection. Ich.

“I read Recovering Yogi solely because the Recovering Yogi gals are wicked hot. Well not “solely”. Maybe not.”

RY response:
Go on. No, really.

“I love this and I freaking love your site.”

RY response:
We freaking love what we do.

“I enjoyed the article, too.. and then I went to the website. The “Words we Loathe” page is very mean-spirited.”

RY response:
Fun fact! 9 out of 10 people who think our Words We Loathe and Abhor page is “mean-spirited” are boring.

“I don’t think yoga teaches judgment so harshly. The words a teacher uses doesn’t ruin your yoga class, your mean judgmental thoughts do.”

RY response:
It’s not judging if it’s funny. We don’t make the rules; we just follow them.

Anonymous comment:
“This post bored me.”

RY response:
Try it again. Maybe pop a Xanax first?

“Well after going to that site, all I can say is WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA. They should rename it Yoga Whiners.”

RY response:
That was our first choice too, but “Yoga Whiners” didn’t look as good on a t-shirt. Speaking of which, buy a t-shirt.

“For someone who has a pretty douchey website where you feel anything goes with your snark about yoga, I find it pretty thin skinned of you to complain about comments to your comments. I guess what’s douchey is all in the eye of the beholder.”

RY response:
And so it is. Douchebag.

Comment (this one was sent directly to one of our writers from a particularly industrious and eloquent fan):
“A lot of people work real hard all the time on doing yoga and you just act all better than us and it sucks. You can’t even write right and your fucking picture pisses me off, because youre all “Oh yeah, look at me! I’m in a red shirt!” SO lame. You are so lame. I never even liked you I was just pretendingto andways because I wantedt o get with you to piss off my boyfriend! stop posting your stupid ass articles to the dumb bitch site and grow up. Asshole. I fucking hate you. ”

The writer’s response:
You seem extremely upset with me, and that is troubling. Whatever happened between us that led you to feel so strongly about me and my writing is unknown to me, just as you are. I am, however, torn between concern for your wellbeing and also, not giving a single fuck.

“Gosh, if only the people this is really about knew how to laugh at themselves, at yoga when it’s funny. What do we call that spiritual stick-up-the-butt?”

RY response:
Good question! Best answer gets a free t-shirt! Comment below…


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  1. AD says:

    “Not giving a single fuck” is my new favorite.

  2. EkamYogini says:

    spiritual stick-up-the-butt? i thought i was practicing mula bandha?

  3. matthew says:

    I really liked the comment the other day from Swami Param:

    “Fiction: Modern “yoga.”

    Fact: Real Yoga is Hinduism.”

    It was a reply to someone saying they liked an article. And here I thought the only ‘real yoga’ happened in Santa Monica.

  4. Chrissy says:

    Douchebag and it’s cousins are some of my favorite words…here’s my version of the Douche family….

    Douchebaggery – What one deals with when reads stick in the ass negativity about RY and it’s writers.
    Douchecookie – When pertaining to yoga, and well life in general, a person who lacks the insight to see the difference between humor, snark, and sarcasm…we are not blowing up buildings folks, we are writing , for fucks sake!
    Douchetastic – The advice to manifest this or that….how can they not tell that I manifest sarcasm and wit every day dammit!?
    Douchenozzle – because this is kind of gross ( even by my low standards) it is like pulling out the big guns. I generally reserve it for the commenters who try to tell any of the writers on RY ( or anywhere else) that their feelings and writings lack “self love” ….
    Ladies, just keep doing what you are doing! You guys are who I find when I need to roar with laughter …..

  5. Michael Egan says:

    The spiritual stick up the butt is FEAR. It is just the same fear that leads anyone to think they are better than anyone else, because they are afraid they are not. The ability to really laugh at oneself and how/what they take seriously is FREEDOM and I think that is exactly what Recovering Yogi is promoting and doing!

    PS. I just want the T-Shirt and who knows if what I say is in anyway valid, anyway. Sounded good at the time.

  6. Ana Li says:

    “What do we call that spiritual stick-up-the-butt?”

    “holy fuck!!!”

  7. hollie says:

    spiritual stick up the butt = namastick. Or ompole. As in: please remove your ompole before entering the studio.

    • Chrissy says:

      YES! I am so using that at my studio….popularity here I come…Bahahahahahahaha! Namastick….I will probably laugh every time I say this….

  8. Yoga Potential says:

    That spiritual stick up the butt? I think that’s a Shivalingam.

  9. Laura says:

    HA! My new fav: It’s not judging if it’s funny. We don’t make the rules; we just follow them. I am pretty sure I understood these rules when I was 2-years-old. Why do grown ass men/women not get it yet?

  10. Jess says:


  11. Sharon says:

    Spiritual stick up the butt=Stick-asana
    Spiritual knickers-in-a-twist=Parivrtta-stick-asana

  12. Lauren says:

    To all the haters of ‘Recovering Yogi’ – yes you.
    Every ‘culture’ have their significant amounts of cliche that easily allows anyone to poke fun of it. These cliches catapult stereotypes. In turn, stereotypes are generally a nice foundation for comedy – as long as no one gets hurt or is demoralized or insulted.

    Now, look at yourself. If you were a group of people belonging to a culture of ‘you-ism’, what elements do you have that can make those an easy target to poke fun at?
    I am sure you have a long list of things you and your pseudo-people do.
    It is funny.

    As a yogi, I can completely relate to the writers. God knows, yoga has a gigantic list of cliches within its culture. Let me re-phrase that, us Westerners are the ones who have developed huge cliches within the westernized yoga culture – can’t insult the founders of the East.

    so FYI: There is TONS to make fun of, and if you can’t appreciate it and smirk because you’re guilty of being a ‘chic’ mala bead wearer , then you are taking yourself too seriously.
    This is fun. And for those of you who disagree, I guarantee you are trying too hard.

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