Who We Are

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The collaborateurs behind RecoveringYogi.

Photo © andyfreeberg.com


Joslyn headshotJoslyn McIntyre spent ten years in the yoga industry as a teacher, studio manager, and minion for a yogalebrity before tiring of the hypocrisy and egomania of the  yoga-for-profit world. She left her professional yoga life  behind and founded her own freelance writing business, Outside Eye Consulting, simultaneously finding her voice as an outspoken blogger across the web. Through her writing, she began to see a strong possibility of Life After Yoga—a life that was good, and smart, and funny. Joslyn lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and now spends the time she used to spend doing yoga on creative projects, including this one.
Email: joslyn[at]outsideeyeconsulting[dot]com
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Joslyn and Vanessa Fiola met while doing time in the yoga scene. Over the years, their mutually skeptical attitudes toward pop spirituality blossomed into a lovely friendship based on a strong bond of sarcasm and witty smugness. Vanessa, a business consultant, writer and creative, is big on doing things like curating public art projects and dabbling in street art. Her illustrations comprise the principle design of RecoveringYogi and, along with Joslyn, she edits the stories you read here. Vanessa splits her time between Los Angeles and Seattle, and is a fierce and (mostly) fearless world traveler. Her biggest goal in life is to figure out how to get more sleep.
Email: vanessafiola[at]gmail[dot]com
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Leslie Munday rounds out the team with divine wit and her ingenious ability to get shit done. Also once victim to the soul-sucking vapidity of said yoga cult, Leslie now spends as much time as humanly possible off of her mat and on the trails of beautiful Mount Tamalpais. Leslie counts writer and entrepreneur among her many hats, and is currently doing the nine-to-five thing as a branch manager for a home care agency for seniors in Marin County because, “Old people are cool.”  Due to her unflinching intelligence and reliability, Leslie is our producer.
Email: leslie[underscore]munday[at]yahoo[dot]com
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