Yoga is a pork fat bath

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by Rasmee Rashika

After reading Kirk Hensler’s poster “Live! Love! Be Happy!” I felt liberated knowing that I wasn’t the only one that had made an absolute sham of myself in the name of yoga. There were other people who had been through the same experience, exactly, and weren’t afraid to put it out there.

Long story short, I decided to stop trying to feign any normalcy in my life. And that’s why I took a shower while doing the dishes.

You see, I don’t have a kitchen because I live in a rented efficiency with my two cats. (Again, read Kirk Hensler’s “Live! Love! Be Happy!”) The shower doubles as a sink. Usually, the shower/sink combo would be a meat-free affair. I stick to a mostly vegan/vegetarian diet. But one of my only remaining friends is a born and bred Miami Southerner. So I should have guessed that the three-bean soup he had so thoughtfully saved and packaged for me in Tupperware contained pork fat. I don’t think they consider the bacon grease and pork fat added to everything in the south to be “real meat.”

So I gratefully reheated the comforting soup at my house and poured it into a mug for dinner. But when I washed the dishes in my shower/sink this evening, it turned out to be one of those nights where the drain wasn’t working properly, and so I stood naked, scrubbing myself and some pots clean, in a soup full of pork-fat-seasoned dish water.

Because of my time spent in India, I was unperturbed by the disgustingness of the situation. Because of the yoga, I could agilely move around the tub, shaving my legs and washing my hair without slipping on the bacon grease.

It’s not so bad after all. Right?

About Rasmee Rashika

These days Rasmee takes life at an extremely leisurely pace. After living in India for seven and a half months where she attended an ashram that successfully wiped her slate clean and convinced her to live completely in the moment, she’s not exactly sure how she got here or where she’s going. So she spends her time talking to her cats and attending an occasional yoga class between getting fired from menial jobs.


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  1. Shawn says:

    What I really want to know is how silky smooth the skin is after applying bacon grease.

  2. Gared says:

    I think this has less to do with you doing yoga and more with you being an air head.

  3. AuntieRoro says:

    Miami ain’t the South,darlin’.
    Florida as a whole is its’ own brand of weird,different from anything culturally Southern,even if they share a love of pork fat.Miami is closer to Havana than Charleston.
    Just sayin’.

    • rasmeerashika says:

      Oye Tia Roro,
      Tiene sentido, la mejoridad de personas aqui en miami son hispanicos, mas Cubanos. Sin embargo, El Sur de Florida existia antes del ano 1959. Mi amigo es muy unico hoy en dia porque naci en Cayo Maraton en 1950, mudo a Miami por la edad de diez cuando empezaba la inmigracion Cubano y ha quedado aqui por casi todo su vida. El no habla Espanol y no se identifica ni tiene herencia hispanico. Es verdad que hace platos como arroz con pollo y picadillo, tambien hace bbq pork ribs, corn bread y coleslaw con montones de mayonasa. Es chistoso que usted habla de Charleston porque yo trabajaba aqui en un restarante de comida Southern donde el cocinero vivia y aprendio a cocinar en Charleston. Alli, entonces relacione la manera de mi amigo. Claro que pudiera dicho mi amigo Cubano que anada el puerco en todo pero este hubiera sido mas lejos de la verdad.

  4. Jack says:

    The amount of cats owned by a woman is an indication of the degree of their mental instability. You may be well on your way.

    • rasmeerashika says:

      wow, that was an asshole thing to say. And you went through so much trouble researching and posting the link. With a name like Recoveringyogi, one would guess most visit the site in the spirit of moving onward and upward but you seem to enjoy giving shoves in the other direction. How’s that working out for you?

      • Chrissy says:

        She has 2 cats,,,not 222 of them! Everybody needs a buddy, Jesus! BTW, I have acat, his name is Carlos, and he is a cool little man…enjoy the kitties!

        • rasmeerashika says:

          Thanks Chrissy. I do and Kali and Gordo say hi. And why is that you are the only one that shows your face (an your kitty’s) in comment?

          • rasmeerashika says:

            I put myself out there, submitted a story and published my picture but all the people so quick to be critical haven’t posted their pictures or stories

          • Chrissy says:

            I am all over mugging with Carlos right above my comments…it may have a lot to do with this pesky accountability thing that I have going on…in all seriousness, I would never say ANYTHING to another person ( to their face or in cyberspace) that I didn’t have the eggs to own ;)

      • Jack says:

        Research was just googling “crazy women + cats”, about 5 seconds of research. As far as coming to this site, me and the crew find you yoga freaks great for late night laughs.

    • Shawn says:

      You need more than 2 objects (e.g. cats) to create a pattern, so it’s difficult to say if she’s on her way to crazy cat lady living.

      [You can, however, create a line from two cats, although they tend to resist it.]

  5. Justin says:

    How totally inane.

  6. Mara says:

    Love this. I was doing a similar thing involving rice checks and a non-functioning sink in the 12 x 12 room (aka: Home) that is currently inhabited by my girlfriend, myself and our (large) yellow lab…. We are livin’ the dream, babe…… Livin’ the dream…..

  7. m xo says:

    (Insert a blond joke here) Truth be told, I’d bang you.

  8. kargo says:

    Good grief. Angry people miss all the fun. I’ve spent time in Africa, I get it. Congrats on surrendering. Enjoy the ride. :)

  9. vanessafiola says:

    Rashmee, this is hilarious! I remember years ago going to my boyfriend’s (now ex) parent’s house in Texas and his mom graciously making me green beans to accommodate my newly vegetarian diet. When I asked about the tiny pieces of bacon I saw, her answer was, “Oh well it’s just a little bit.” I wish I could go back in time and just be cool about it.

  10. kirk says:

    this is great! and not just because you tagged me twice ;)

    as for the people being rude, likely they can’t write for shit…so don’t sweat it.

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