Yoga teacher bio: Barrett “Jai Bodhi” Wilson

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By Robert Fortune

On a school field trip to the Sunshine Yoga Ashram in Topanga, California, Barrett “Jai Bodhi” Wilson was introduced to yoga.

After an experience in asana so blissfully profound that even now he is unable to remember what happened, he dropped out of junior high school and traveled to India—just like the Beatles did—to study with Yogi Master Shri Baba Dev.  Given his spiritual name of Jai Bodhi Deva Om by the Master Guru, he devoted himself to learning the ancient practice of Yoga.  After an intensive three months of study at the holy (and filthy) bare feet of his Guru Dev, he was asked to please return home and share the teaching of True Yoga™ as its sole authorized teacher outside of India.  After brief spiritual pilgrimages to Maui, Amsterdam, and Boulder, he began his life’s work.  A derelict Venice warehouse soon became the home of Satsang Venice Yoga Studio™, a donation-based studio where the mandatory donation is a mere $25, enabling Jai to best serve his community.

The beach-facing studio offers a full class schedule (all taught by Jai) along with True YogaTeachers Training™ classes.  True Yoga™ classes are a synergistic and synchronistic blend of ancient practice and 21st century spiritual technology; a means to encounter the Transcendent One Within™.  The studio also “pays it forward”™ into the community, offering yoga classes for Venice’s homeless and addicted along with a free Sunday vegan soup kitchen.

In addition to his contribution to planetary wellbeing through the gift of Yoga, Jai Bodhi is committed to Continuous Effortless Evolution™, or, CE2 ™.  A certified Tantra Teacher, Jai cofounded the first online cyber community for yogic polyamory™.   Jai’s other influences include Osho, the Pleiadian High Council, David Deida, Ramtha, Rama and Swami Rama, and Johnny Depp. He credits the 75 Landmark Education Courses he has so far taken with why he “gets it” more than others do.  He will be on the Playa this year, probably. Hasn’t decided yet. But probably.

*Note- retreat is currently only open to yoginis.

*eBook and DVD’s of all official, authorized teaching are available for download through iTunes.

*All trademarks and copyrights pending, and property of Yoga Now LLC, and shall not be used without permission.

*Students who have completed levels 1,2, and 3  Core Mastery™ class series are invited to attend the 4-day Divine Power Within™ retreat weekends in Ojai at a discount voluntary donation of $6000.  In these powerfully transformative gatherings, students learn to Deepen Your Practice™ in an environment that supports meeting the Trancendent One Within™.  Intensive daylong classes will give way to starlit evenings consisting of Kirtan at the Shiva Kiva, along with Jai’s teachings on Radical Abundance™, Authentic Integrity™, and the Kundalini Tantric fire breath™.  Onsite mobile Colon Hydrotherapy and Quantum Vibratory Massage™ will also be available.  All meals are cruelty-free, raw, gourmet, and vegan. Kosher available.

About Robert Fortune

Robert Fortune took his first yoga class in 1990, in LA, after getting sober (yes, L.A. AA cliché, he knows) and fell in love with it. His least favorite jargon words are “integrity” and “authentic” — people who actually embody those qualities dont go around talking about them.

If pressed, he would describe his spiritual practice these days as: be nice, tell the truth, meditate, smile.

Robert’s practice of yoga lately is fitful. He feels that it the yoga scene has become a shallow, trendy lifestyle affectation, with inexperienced teachers leading chants in languages they don’t understand; fake hippie chicks in designer yoga crap calling themselves yoginis; personality cults and and high school drama.  He is moving to Austin this summer, and looks forward to getting back into class again.


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  1. Yogini5 says:

    You know, I am still relatively new to regular yoga practice, and I am not about to give it up (including even taking a yoga class here and there), so it’s not a matter of burnout.

    Or even innate cynicism.

    But I do like all the blogs on here — my chronological age has established me with a working bushwa detector. This post scores really, really high on the bushwa scale. I had such a teacher with nearly such a bio in real life. Operative word is “had” ..

    • Robert Fortune says:

      Yogini5, thank you for your comment. This bio was a bunch of people I’ve met in the yoga and new age community. Its seems part of the path, to encounter the frauds, fakes and users, and yet not let the experience shut you down. My playlist while writing included “Sexy Sadie”, John Lennon’s song about being duped by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, after catching him offering “private” lessons to young blondes at the Ashram. And Alanis Morissette, “Baba”. (google the lyrics).

  2. Don says:

    I learned a valuable lesson reading this bio, which is not to drink coffee while reading this bio. I was in mid-sip when I read the part about the Landmark Courses. I became a “graduate” in the 80′s, also attended many post-graduate seminars and came away with the ability to hold my bladder for many hours and still look attentive to whoever is speaking.

    Thanks for a great article!

  3. chad johnson says:

    wow, is this a real bio? that’s amazing™

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